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It's not always easy finding the right writer for your business.
You need someone who can quickly get up to speed with your
product and communicate its value to customers.


I’m a seasoned writer who will craft a story about your product that speaks directly to your readers. I write web copy, blog posts, case studies, and whitepapers, all geared to generate better leads and increase media coverage.

My background in both creative and technical writing gives me a unique skill set. 

This is what I bring.

With 15 years of experience writing for the software development industry, I am comfortable learning new technologies and understand the nuances of your product and industry. This means that you can focus on what's important: running your business.

Add to that a background in marketing communications for business, science, health, education, and the small farming/local food industry. Top that off with studies in creative writing and a long stint as a travel editor. 

This is what I care about.

  • Environmental and food sustainability: I am passionate about locally-sourced food and sustainable growing and business practices. I understand the challenges, the issues, and the mission, and have written on a variety of subjects in this industry.
  • Local startups: I am lucky to live in Eugene, Oregon in the Willamette Valley with the area's two universities and many programs that support new business startups, including business incubators, training opportunities, and angel investors. I'd like to help your startup craft its message and reach its audience.
  • Tech: Technology fuels so much of what we all care about, contributing to our quality of life in multiple, unseen and unanticipated ways. Let me partner with you to identify the value in your product and clearly communicate that to your target market.

Finally, I listen.

I’m deeply interested in your story and your customers, and what your product can do for them. I can't wait to get started!

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Web Content

Deliver the right message to your target readers. Your content is the thing that distinguishes your website from those of similar businesses, so make it shine.    

Blog Posts

Use your blog to establish expertise and credibility in your industry. Sixty percent of marketers focus on blogs as a primary sales strategy.

eBooks, Whitepapers & Case Studies

Solid industry research and real people using your product are effective lead-generation tools and can educate potential customers about your value.

Press Releases & Media Kits

Press releases and media kits — now, mostly digital, although print still has its place — remain useful strategies to get the word out about a product release and inform the media about your company. A media kit might include backgrounders, bios, fact sheets, FAQs, photos, and press releases.

Brochures & Newsletters

Either print or digital, use a newsletter to keep your customers up to date on relevant issues, or develop a brochure to educate potential customers.


Polish your copy to ensure readability and avoid errors. These can appear unprofessional and distract your reader from your message.

What our clients say

Shelley can easily grasp concepts across a multitude of brands and categories — especially difficult verticals such as technology, finance and business. She consistently delivers top notch work, often ahead of deadlines. Shelley is a pleasure to work with and an asset to any project.

Lauren Dirks

Lauren Dirks

Senior Manager, Content: News & Seasonal Trends at Consumer Track

Shelley produces clearly-drawn, vivid stories that jump off the page. She really knows her stuff. But what I appreciate just as much is her keen eye and precise fact-checking.

Ramona Quincey

Ramona Quincey

Ramona Quincey, Director of Marketing,

Shelley is one of the best editors in the business today. I’ve worked with her on hundreds of projects over the years and highly recommend her. From informal web copy to the most technical and detail-oriented prose, Shelley has the rare ability to untangle knots and to clarify prose without distorting the writer’s original style or intent.

David Weedmark

David Weedmark

Owner, Weedmark Publishing

We had some tight deadlines, with information changing at the last minute. Shelley always comes through. She’s the ultimate professional — easy to work with, and clear about everyone’s expectations. The finished product is always high quality.

Kent Fleming, PhD

Kent Fleming, PhD

Adjunct Professor, Oregon State University

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